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Knoxville High School Makes iPads Mandatory

The Webb School in Knoxville is embracing the tech trend of 2011 and has asked all students to purchase Apple tablets. The private school has made the iPad a mandatory accessory for all students from grades four through twelve and is hoping that it will replace heavy textbooks.

"We have some students carrying 50 to 60 pounds of books and the iPad weighs just a pound and a half,” TIME quotes Jim Manikas, Webb School's technology director, as saying.

Though the school is making the device a requirement, it seems they’re not oblivious to the fact that the iPad isn’t exactly cheap. According to TUAW, they’ll be offering a rental program for parents who don’t want to or can’t buy the iPad. Pricing for this be $200 per year, or $20 per month of a 10-month academic year.

Facebook and Twitter will be blocked and we assume there will also be restrictions on what kind of websites the children can access.

  • dogman_1234
    Are you kidding me! Spend the Money on Education! Not crapware! Geez! What a mess!
  • haxs101
    Wow, I live not to far from there!
  • Travis Beane
    Think they'd allow a Android or Windows XP/7 tablet instead?
    There are those of us who would enroll into a different school before buying an iPad. Or maybe just me...
  • bavman
    Wow this is just ridiculous.
  • warlord1312
    Why the iPad? Decent notebooks can be obtained for those prices that can do so much more while still being light and cheap. Also what about the issue of theft since every kid will have one?
  • On the long run, i guess the rental is still cheaper than purchasing text books no?
  • dwave
    Apple sucks, they should have a choice, not cram apple at them. How about a Samsung tablet?
  • alidan
    ok, my problem with this is replacing books with ipads. the ipad itself will out date every yea, possibly 2, and tech wise, become almost unusable in 3 due to apple forceing os migration.

    a book, unless its cutting edge science class, will last 10-20 years, and over all, if there is a MAJOR breakthrough in how we know science form grade 1-12, we can make a copy and give it to the kids.

    over all its cheaper to get a new book than to get an ipad every 3 years.

    at the very least get a program that is universal, as in ipad, laptop, and so forth. that way there is choice. i would be @#$%in @#$%ed if i had to pay even 200$ for one of those over blown pieces of @!#$, much less 600$ every 2-3 years or 2400 total for rending the thing.
  • xrodney
    This is ridiculous, iPad s far away from being trend, it have too small small share in notebook market for that. Personally if my child is on that school and they raise this requirements I would be more then wiling to sue them.
    Also Steve is not going see single penny from me because there are often better or cheaper options and more user friendly business models.

    There is nothing wrong from requiring students to have notebook or ebook reader, but forcing you to use single brand is not right.
  • palladin9479
    Notice they also "offer" a rental service. And I bet they only accept iPads and not any other device for their books.

    It simple, their getting low rates on their "Apple" educational computers, and if they push the iPad they will get lower rates on their equipment. Apple has been doing similar things for educational institutions for years, offering lower rates as long as the institution only goes with Apple branded equipment. The students use the Apple products are get used to it, then as adults they are supposed to prefer Apple products over MS ones. Its Apple's way of breaking how universal the MS platform is. Just ask anyone who is an Arts / Graphics design major, everything the university taught them on was Apple branded even though there are better non-Apple items out there. Industry standard isn't even Apple, but hey its supposed to make you more "creative" huh.