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Knoxville High School Makes iPads Mandatory

The Webb School in Knoxville is embracing the tech trend of 2011 and has asked all students to purchase Apple tablets. The private school has made the iPad a mandatory accessory for all students from grades four through twelve and is hoping that it will replace heavy textbooks.

"We have some students carrying 50 to 60 pounds of books and the iPad weighs just a pound and a half,” TIME quotes Jim Manikas, Webb School's technology director, as saying.

Though the school is making the device a requirement, it seems they’re not oblivious to the fact that the iPad isn’t exactly cheap. According to TUAW, they’ll be offering a rental program for parents who don’t want to or can’t buy the iPad. Pricing for this be $200 per year, or $20 per month of a 10-month academic year.

Facebook and Twitter will be blocked and we assume there will also be restrictions on what kind of websites the children can access.