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Water-Resistant Power Strip Now Available in U.S.

Parents with toddlers or other devious children running around the house (1) drink lots of coffee to stay on top of their devious plans (2) fight to keep their toys and fingers out of AC power outlets and power strips.

While plugs and sliding plates are available on the market to block electrical plug access, Wet Circuits previously introduced a power strip that is not only water-resistant, but is completely animal and child safe. According to the company, the "Touch Protection" feature prevents electrical shock when foreign objects are entered into the sockets such as keys, tweezers, hairpins and more.

"The patented design ensures electric power may only be conducted when a proper plug is 100-percent inserted into the outlet," the company said. "Furthermore, our products are manufactured with poison free materials, so you do not need to worry if your pet dog (or baby) accidentally licks the socket."

In addition to the water-resistance and shock protection, the power strip also features a smart fuse and circuit breaker that can sense excess overheating (231-249º F) and discontinue any electric charge to prevent residential fires. The strip is also manufactured with special material to prevent the creation of blue sparks.

To learn more about the "world's first" water-resistant power strip, head to the official product page. The device now retails for $70 here in the States, available for purchase at the Wet Circuits website--more e-tailers and local distributors will be announced soon.

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  • Fetal
    That's one shizit piece of shit. I will get it when i get married HA!

    No one cares about Animals, Yes for sure Kids should be protected. Fools like to stick finger in the socket. even i did that (no doubt i love engineering now). got plenty of arm numbing shocks. so yeah GR8!
  • polly the parrot
    I care about animals. :(
  • magruder13
    For $70 I can buy enough cheap ones to make a wall so a kid cant get at the wall outlet.
  • adamboy64
    How do you accidentally lick something..
  • chickenhoagie
    sounds and looks like a great product..If only it were just a BIT cheaper, i'm sure they could get them to sell very well.
  • Ciuy
    this is actually good news. I`m tired of fearing that my coffee could get spilled over my power strip under my desk...

    gj tech guys, +1 for humanity
  • braneman
  • Xlick
    super overdubbing on the video, i was totally fooled :-)
  • mlopinto2k1
    I wonder what companies deliberately use poisons knowing they don't need to. Start listing!
  • mlopinto2k1
    Xlicksuper overdubbing on the video, i was totally fooled :-)LOL