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Man Has 15,000 URLs Tattooed On His Body, Wants More

Who needs Google to look for a company website address when you have 30-year-old Pat Vaillancourt from Quebec, Canada that can provide the information with his bare skin? Ok, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration, but what's not exaggerated is the number of URLs tattooed across the length of his back and shoulders: more than 10,000!

According to Oddity Central, Vaillancourt currently holds the world's record for the most web addresses tattooed on his body, and we believe it. He got the notion to set the world's record back in 2010 because he wasn’t an athlete and he couldn’t do extreme stunts. What better way to leave his mark in the world by actually marking URLs all over his skin?

"I want to break a Guinness World Record, but more importantly, I want to help others. And this is my way of doing so," he said back then. He's helping others by requiring interested businesses to fork over $35 if they want their URL inked between the freckles, moles and numerous tattooed logos. As specified on his website, half the proceeds are being donated to help the people of Haiti and Somalia while the other half pays for the tattoos and promoting his efforts.

As for the number of tattooed URLs, Vaillancourt is hoping to reach a grand total of 100,000. He wants the first 50,000 web addresses to be inked in black, and the next layer of 50,000 in blue. Presently he's nearing the 15,000 tattooed URL mark, and an additional 16,000 or more companies have already reserved a space on his body. Tom's Hardware is not among them.

Vaillancourt says that his friend actually does the tattooing, and takes between sixty and ninety minutes to ink 100 URLs. He says that he's also accepting Facebook and Twitter profile URLs for the same amount he's charging businesses: $35 USD.

Next we'll see someone with QR codes tattooed all over his/her body...