UFO Spotted Above the Kremlin in Moscow

Contributing Writer

The strange occurrence attracted media attention after two videos of the event shot to the top of the "Most Watched" list on Russia's version of YouTube. One clip shows the object at night and appears to be filmed from a passing car while another is a black and white video captured during the day.

However, despite the fact that UFO and alien aficionados say it could be an alien spacecraft, skeptics claim there is no way the videos are real. Commenters are asking why there are only two videos when millions of people would have witnessed the event. Another points out that one structure shown in the video appears to be a video that no longer exists, "The building on the left is the hotel Rossiya and it was demiloshed [sic] in 2006. So, if this footage is a couple of days old, how can this still be there? He said, adding, "So, it's fake!"

Russian police are not commenting on the matter and the UK Telegraph says that Russian reports have ruled out the possibility that it is an alien spacecraft.

Check out the videos below. Do you think it’s a hoax? 

Pyramid Over Moscow

Moscow - Pyramid UFO Daytime!