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Attachable Trailer Makes Any Bike Electric

Electric bicycles may be a bit pricey, but they can certainly make long or uphill trips a bit more bearable. One scenario where an electric bicycle would be great is bringing groceries home from the store. In cases such as these, the Ridekick Trailer is the perfect tool for anybody who owns a bike and isn't looking to pay the hefty price tag on a new electric one.

Equipped with a 1HP/500W electric motor, the Ridekick Trailer gives your bicycle a maximum range of 12 miles at a top speed of 20mph with each charge. It may look a bit strange hauling a miniature trailer behind your bike, but at least you get some extra storage space with it. A trailer attached to the back definitely beats attaching grocery bags to the handle bars.

The Ridekick Trailer itself may be on the expensive side as well, but its $699 price tag is still cheaper than many of the electric bicycles on the market. For more information on the Ridekick Trailer or to buy your own, head on over to the company's website here