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THQ Going Through With Reverse Stock Split


d games publisher THQ has a stock price that’s currently sitting at around $.58, not an all an improvement over the $.67 that the company sat at when NASDAQ issued it a de-listing warning.

THQ’s 180 days to raise its stock price back over the better side of $1 are almost up. Back in May, we reported that THQ had an investors meeting to formulate a reverse stock split option lest the company’s stock fortunes not turn upwards. Now, with less than a month away from de-listing, THQ has no choice but to go through with the reverse stock split option.

The company’s board of directors has decided upon a 1-for-10 reverse stock split, to be effective on July 5th.

THQ has to now sustain at least ten consecutive days of trading in order to avoid NASDAQ de-listing.

  • fightingslu
    smart- give the stock a short boost- then it has a lot further to fall
  • TeKEffect
    a good game would have done a better job keeping it over a buck
  • eddieroolz
    It's a shame THQ has fallen on hard times. I wish they will survive until they get CoH2 out.
  • alidan
    TeKEffecta good game would have done a better job keeping it over a buck
    if it wasnt for skyrim, most places would have had saints row as their game of the year. that comes from people who work at review sites and magazines, not a personal opinion, though i do like that game.
  • Too right, cannot wait to see the final demise of THQ

    EA Games - - you are up next!

    Long live ArenaNet!