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THQ Going Through With Reverse Stock Split


d games publisher THQ has a stock price that’s currently sitting at around $.58, not an all an improvement over the $.67 that the company sat at when NASDAQ issued it a de-listing warning.

THQ’s 180 days to raise its stock price back over the better side of $1 are almost up. Back in May, we reported that THQ had an investors meeting to formulate a reverse stock split option lest the company’s stock fortunes not turn upwards. Now, with less than a month away from de-listing, THQ has no choice but to go through with the reverse stock split option.

The company’s board of directors has decided upon a 1-for-10 reverse stock split, to be effective on July 5th.

THQ has to now sustain at least ten consecutive days of trading in order to avoid NASDAQ de-listing.