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PICTURED: Sandstorm Blankets Sydney, Australia

Dubbed one of the worst sandstorms to ever hit Sydney, the city was last week choked with sand and major landmarks turned reddish orange as the storm carrying an estimated 5 million tonnes of dust blew through Sydney.

Britain's Daily Mail reports that the official air quality index for New South Wales recorded pollutant levels as high as 4,164 in Sydney. A level anywhere above 200 is considered hazardous.

Also, you know you're a gadget freak when the first thing that enters your mind when you see amazing photos like this isn't "Wow, isn't nature an incredibly beautiful and destructive force?" but, "Oh my god, the dust! The cameras! NOOOO!"

Check out the images below from Flickr users Dmmaus and MarchingAnts (photo streams for both can be found here and here). Click here for more Flickr image results from the Sydney sandstorm.