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iPad 3 Concept

Though I’m looking forward to the upcoming iPad 3 launch, sometimes it’s tough for us jaded tech-journos to work up heart palpitations about iterative features (speed, megapixels, resolution…we already know in what directions those trends are moving and there are very few surprises left). But I felt positively swoony when I saw this video—even though I knew it was wasn’t real from the start. Check it out: end-to-end touch screens, near-field communication, magnets, and 3D holograms for multiplayer games. This is the kind of computing platform I fantasized about when reading cyberpunk fiction in college. The video is an impressive bit of CGI fakery, but I want that futuristic iPad all the same. Apple won’t deliver anything even 10% as exciting next week, or maybe ever, but someone will eventually—I’m sure of it. After all, just 10 years ago 3G-capable tablets were still the stuff of sci-fi. --Rachel Rosmarin

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  • profjonathan
    Thanks so much for spreading the word on this. We were absolutely convinced our Vita was broken because it wouldn't charge. Quick flip of the plug, and voila. Unbelievably bad design. {ProfJonathan}
  • chrisdl
    My Vita's charging connector can only be inserted one way. The bottom of the plug (the side where the logo is not) has two indentations. It's impossible to plug it in upside down. Maybe you have an earlier production model? In any case, this has been fixed quickly, because I have mine since launch.
  • jacquesmikoffskii
    The stupid circle pad pro is frackin' impossible to locate, and I live in a major metropolitan city (Los Angeles) I'm curious about the poor folks stuck out in the sticks, yearning to get their hands on one so that they can properly play R.E. Revelations. I ordered this ugly hunk of crap over a month ago, at "LameStop" just to play games the way they have been played for the last two frackin' decades or so. The store rep claims that there have been tons of pre-orders for this item, which has been on BACK-ORDER since it's FRACKIN' original release date!!!! WTF!!!! IT'S FRACKIN' APRIL ALREADY, and buy the time it gets in, Nintendo's gonna announce the 3DS revise this June @ E3, which will come out fall of 2012!!! Why the hell is everybody sitting on their hands???? *FRACK!!!...Frustration!!!!*
  • Anonymous
    Gamestops website now says that the Circle Pad will release on July 2. This is after I was told the next shipment would arrive on April 2.