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The Spotlight: Tom's Guide Week In Review

If Only This iPad 3 Concept Were Real

Though I’m looking forward to the upcoming iPad 3 launch, sometimes it’s tough for us jaded tech-journos to work up heart palpitations about iterative features (speed, megapixels, resolution…we already know in what directions those trends are moving and there are very few surprises left). But I felt positively swoony when I saw this video—even though I knew it was wasn’t real from the start. Check it out: end-to-end touch screens, near-field communication, magnets, and 3D holograms for multiplayer games. This is the kind of computing platform I fantasized about when reading cyberpunk fiction in college. The video is an impressive bit of CGI fakery, but I want that futuristic iPad all the same. Apple won’t deliver anything even 10% as exciting next week, or maybe ever, but someone will eventually—I’m sure of it. After all, just 10 years ago 3G-capable tablets were still the stuff of sci-fi. --Rachel Rosmarin