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VIDEO: Spider-Boy Climbs Walls With Vacuums

A 13-year-old student from King's College School, Cambridge, took it upon himself to bypass gaining super power via a radioactive spider and to build the ultimate wall-climbing instrument using two 1400-watt Tesco vacuum cleaners. School mates have now named Hibiki Kono "Spider-Boy," and for good reason.

The idea was originally intended for a design technology project. Apparently teachers doubted that his idea would even work, so Kono proved them wrong by attaching nozzles and suction pads to both vacuums and started scaling the school walls.

"I was real excited to build it but no one really believed me so I just kinda got my own determination and started making the first prototype," he said. "And when the first prototype worked, everyone kinda got the trust in me, and then it got me encouraged and I finished it."

Kono thinks his "invention" would be ideal for those cleaning skyscraper windows, however currently there's one catch: the vacuums must remain plugged into an outlet. Naturally if power is pulled, the user and the equipment will fall to the ground. For that reason, Kono's mother has put a height limit on the wall-crawler's vertical trek.