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Sphero Robotic Ball is Controlled With Your Smartphone

During last year's CES, we caught a glimpse of a little prototype robotic ball known as Sphero. While the concept certainly showed some potential, we're pleased to learn that Sphero has evolved into quite an interesting little toy. Unlike a lot of other gadgets being revealed here at CES, Sphero doesn't really do anything ground breaking or productive but that's perfectly okay, because this thing packs a whole lotta fun in one tiny little package. Check out Wired's video to see this little guy in action!

Sphero is simple and that's what we love about it. All it is is a tennis ball-sized ball that can be controlled with your iOS or Android device. It's waterproof and has a multi-color light inside that makes it just about the perfect toy for your household pets. The cool thing about Sphero is that it revolves around a number of apps and games that the company has created.

Although there are only a handful of apps and games now, the company assures us that there are plenty more on the way. For now, Sphero comes out of the box with six included apps and games that allow the user to do a number of things such as take snapshots while controlling the ball, play a golf-like game, trace paths for the ball and more. For more information and videos, head on over to Sphero's website where you can also pre-order your own for $129.