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Sony Shows Off Cool, Neat Flexible Epaper Display

The folks at Sony Insider went along to Sony's annual dealer convention in Tokyo to check out upcoming products and maybe see if they could get a peek at some unannounced prototypes. Though a lot of the focus this year was, joy or joys, on 3D, they did spy this epaper protoype for use in Sony ereaders.

Sony Insider says these displays use plastic substrate, as opposed to the more fragile glass substrate, and believes that this will make the rollable epaper more durable and "very difficult to break, even when you drop it."

However, as some manufacturers are discovering, flexible displays are tough to get right because while they can be rolled up and stuffed in a poster tube, it's not exactly good for the display. Earlier this year HP's Phil Mckinney demoed his company's flexible display and admitted that it could only be rolled half a dozen times before the material would just fail.

It's not clear if Sony's epaper is hindered by the same limitations but Sony Insider believes that given the quality of the prototypes seen here, we could see products based around the technology as soon as a year or two from now.

Source: Sony Insider