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OneRoof Solar Offers Affordable, Discreet Solar Panels

Thanks to a partnership with venture company Black Coral Capital and Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group, OneRoof Energy will now be offering customers a great deal on going green. If you happen to need a brand new roof, you can now go through OneRoof Energy to get a new roof with integrated solar panels at no additional cost.

One traditional way for homeowners to go green is to invest in a solar lease, meaning homeowners will pay a monthly fee and an installation fee for solar photovoltaic panel integration. This means the bank and solar panel producer owns the solar panels, but customers are likely paying less than they were before in electricity costs. Taking away the need for the middleman solar panel installer, OneRoof Energy is offering solar lease financing through roofing companies, simplifying the process and making it more cost effective.

Another incentive for customers to go green is the company's new roofing process that allows solar cells to be integrated into standard roofing materials, resulting in a much more discreet solar panel roofing. Current photovoltaic panels attached to a roof can be unsightly but OneRoof Energy claims, "the only thing noticeable about our solar panel is the savings". Be sure to check out OneRoof Energy's page for more information and a free quote.