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Geodesic Sky Dome Concept For Futuristic Cities

On display at UTS Architecture in Sydney was an incredible exhibition displaying a possible future for cities around the world. Called the LAVA Home of the Future, the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) portrays a bright future for humankind with its beautiful blend of nature and technology. In late 2011, the geodesic sky dome structure will begin its construction over a mall in Beijing showcasing the possibilities of the micro climate based living situations we see in futuristic post-apocalyptic films and stories.

With a gorgeous blend of lush nature and technological advancement, this vision of the future would be a dream come true. Inspired by the world's natural beauty in corals, cells, and bubbles, the Home of the Future structure features 15 different living spaces that each incorporate its own unique blend of natural experiences and futuristic technology.

Designed to balance the needs of man along with the needs of nature into one harmonious system, the geodesic sky dome offers quite an optimistically green future in an otherwise not-so-green society. Perhaps the introduction of radical living situations designed to cherish and nurture nature will bring about the bright future that LAVA has envisioned. Until then let's hope these futuristic domes will be for the betterment of the world rather than the post-apocalyptic protection of mankind.