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Basic House: The Shelter That Fits Inside Your Pocket

If you’ve ever been caught outdoors when bad weather hits then you’ve certainly realized the importance of having a roof over your head. Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to protect and shelter their bodies from the cruel forces of nature. Thanks to technology, we have become increasingly effective at doing so. One example of such brilliance is the Basic Home, a modern solution for ultra portable shelter.

If you thought those compact umbrellas were portable, how about a miniature home that literally fits in your pocket! If you happen to find yourself stuck in a heavy rain storm without shelter, the Basic Home is able to provide the perfect escape. The reflective material on the inner lining reflects body heat to create a warm, dry enrivonment, or can be reversed to create a cool environment by reflect heat away from the center.

While it certainly won't protect you from every force of nature, the Basic Home offers an interesting take on emergency relief and is certainly worth further development. Designed by Martin Azura of Barcelona, Spain the Basic Home prototype is currently being displayed at the Museum of Modern Art and Vitra Design Museum.