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Sega Making Motion Control Console? No.

Various sources are reporting that Sega is releasing a new console this summer in the UK. Called the Sega Zone, this new gaming rig will feature motion sensing technology much like the Nintendo Wii, and the device itself will even look like a Wii ripoff. It's reported that the new console will come packed with 20 classic Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Ecco the Dolphin along with 30 additional "new" games, 16 of which are interactive sports titles using the motion sensing technology.

While that may feed the beast that's inside every Sega fanboy across the globe, there's just one problem with this picture: the console is not actually from Sega. Despite all the talk of the town, the console in question is not the successor to the Dreamcast. It is, in fact, the Zone 40 gaming unit found in most pharmacies—such as CVS and Walgreens--next to the As Seen on TV section. It currently sells for a whopping $40 USD.

Surprisingly, this Wii clone will cost gamers around $80 USD (£50), and right now it's slated to launch in the UK in Q2/Q3 2010. However it's safe to assume that the Sega Zone console will find its way here to the States (if it hasn't already). In addition to the embedded games, the console will provide two wireless remotes and the AVI cable—the device doesn't sport an optical drive or a cart reader, locking gamers to its internal library of 50 titles.

With all that said, the company behind the Zone 40 console has licensed 20 Sega games and the use of the official Sega logo, and has added the content to the Zone 40's current library. Disappointed? You shouldn't be. When Sega officially (and surprisingly) discontinued support for the gaming beast that is the Dreamcast back in 2001, it clearly stated that software would be the primary focus from then on out. With Sega's frustrations over M-rated material on the Nintendo Wii and the upcoming PC game Aliens Vs. Predator set to be one of the biggest titles in 2010, it's clear that Sega isn't looking back on its hardware days.

Still, there's no harm in dreaming of a Dreamcast 2, is there?

Check out the video below—it's a “review” of the pre-Sega Zone 40 console. You'll hear a lot of "this is stupid."