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Hasbro Drops Scrabulous Lawsuit

The two brothers developed an online version of Scrabble called Scrabulous, which was a near instant hit. With tons of people playing Scrabulous with their friends and families online, Hasbro, owner of the rights to the original Scrabble issued a take down notice. After all, Scrabulous was Scrabble, right?

Hasbro filed a lawsuit against the two developers following the release of an official EA version of Scrabble. While it was pretty much the same game, it didn’t see the same popularity that Scrabulous did and users instead formed groups on Facebook to bring back Scrabulous.

According to the Associated Press, Hasbro has dropped the lawsuit against the two brothers. The AP reports that court papers show no reason why the company dropped its lawsuit against the Agarwallas. However all is not calm for the two. While Hasbro seems to have inexplicably dropped its lawsuit, it is not the only company with rights to Scrabble. Enter Mattel.

Mattel owns the rights to Scrabble outside of North America and has filed a lawsuit of its own. According to the AP Facebook said it was forced to disable Scrabulous at the end of the Summer following a formal removal request from Mattel.

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