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Sanyo Releases 1080i Xacti Camcorder


Sanyo introduced the latest member of its Xacti camcorder family. The HD1010 records video sin 1920x1080i resolution and takes digital still image sin 4 megapixel resolution. Content is recorded to SD or SDHC memory cards, which are currently available with capacities of up to 32 GB.

Among the notable features of the camcorder are face detection, slow-motion video, a 7-picture-per-second digital still image mode as well as its light weight of just 9.9 ounces.

Then there is the price. The camcorder will hit retail shelves in July for about $800. Add to that the cost for a memory card. Since it is a high-def camcorder, you want to go with at least 16 GB, which will add about $150 to the bottom line. 32 GB cards currently run in the $400-$500 range, so expect spending between $950 and $1300 for this camcorder, if you don’t have a memory card already.

If cost is a concern, there are more economical camcorders on the market. For example, Sony’s 40 GB (HDD) 1080i camcorders can be purchased for less than $900 through the major retail outlets and for substantially less than $800 through online stores.