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Propose Marriage With Nintendo DS

What if you could combine the gift of gaming and the declaration of love into one beautiful combination?  That's exactly what Multiple-Option has in mind. 

Multiple-Option is a developer/blogger of Nintendo DS "homebrew" software for use with flash card devices such as the R4 or M3.  They have just announced a new genre in gaming development they are calling "Relationship Middleware."  Their goal is to facilitate your proposal in the "geekiest gamer way" possible.  The "Easy Proposal Maker featuring The Search Master” game allows the user to create a custom proposal message that will be displayed upon the successful completion of the puzzle game.  Of course, if your to-be-fiancé loses at the game, they will not see the proposal.

Obviously, this isn't for everyone and I'm certain that if you tried this sort of proposal on the wrong subject, you could end up with more than a simple rejection!  Take a look at Multiple-Options' demonstration video and let us know if you're successful in using this method!

Check out the video.