U.S. Warns App Developers Over Privacy


The government of California has stressed that app developers must adhere to California law and showcase privacy notices to users or face considerable fines. California Attorney General Kamala Harris said she'll be sending letters to 100 app developers and companies to notify them that they are actively violating California's privacy laws.

"Protecting the privacy of online consumers is a serious law enforcement matter," she stated. "We have worked hard to ensure that app developers are aware of their legal obligations to respect the privacy of Californians, but it is critical that we take all necessary steps to enforce California's privacy laws."

The California Online Privacy Protection Act requires all apps to display a privacy policy that notifies users what personal information is being collected by the app itself and how that information is being utilized. The act also dictates that users have to be able to read the privacy policy before downloading the app. California's goal with the law is to ultimately protect smartphone users' private and personal information.

It's said that some of the popular app developers to receive the letter in question are United Airlines, Delta Airlines -- both of which have stressed that they're working on delivering the requirements of the act -- and Open Table. If the 100 companies on the list fail to provide a privacy policy notice on their app within the next 30 days, the firms could face fines of up to $2,500 each time a user downloads its app.

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