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RIM: PlayBook Battery Will Top the iPad

Speaking to Reuters during an interview. RIM’s senior vice-president for business and platform marketing, Jeff McDowell, said that the battery in the RIM PlayBook would last longer than the iPad’s and would be smaller, too.

Reuter’s reports that McDowell made the statement while debunking analyst’s concerns that the tablet’s battery-life might be a problem.

"It's going to be equal or greater than the iPad with smaller battery size," he told the news outlet.

The iPad’s battery lasts for nine hours of mixed use, so if RIM can top that, we’ll be pretty impressed. That said, the PlayBook doesn’t have certain, battery-draining features that one would have to endure with the iPad, such as push email.

The PlayBook was announced last fall and is supposed to launch in April of this year.

(via Engadget)