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Nintendo Shows Wii U Pro Controller, Final Wii U Tablet Design

June's a busy month for the tech world and it seems companies announcing stuff at the likes of E3 and Computex are scheduling their conferences earlier and earlier every year. Microsoft's pre-E3 conference is taking place this morning while Nintendo went one step further and held its pre-E3 event last night.

Last year's E3 gave us our first look at the Nintendo Wii U, so what did the Japanese gaming giant have for us on Sunday? More Wii U, for the most part. Nintendo showed off the finalized version of the handheld Wii U controller, which is a tablet device with hardware buttons incorporated into the design. However, the company also showed off a completely separate controller for the newest Wii.


Dubbed the Wii U Pro controller, the device looks a lot like the Xbox 360 controller and loses that oblong shape that the Wii Classic controller had as well as the classic Wii white. This black beauty has two analog sticks as well as a d-pad, the usual face buttons and separate buttons for home, start, reset and power. Nintendo didn't say if this controller would also be available in white, or how much people will be expected to pay to get one, but we may hear more on that later in the week.

As for the final design of the primary Wii U controller, it's gotten a redesign from what we saw at E3 2011. The new version offers dual analog stick controls and can be used as a remote control for your TV even while the Wii U console is off.


Check the video below for a look at the new design. Don't forget, Nintendo's E3 press conference is set to take place tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for more Nintendo news!

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