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Nintendo: Next Console More than Wii HD

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime finally coughed up a few details on what the company plans for the next console. Fils-Aime has seen quite a bit of the spotlight as of late, possibly stirring up the media pot thanks to declining sales. The latest talk is that the next version of the Wii will have HD capabilities.

Recently Kotaku conducted an interview with the NoA president, talking about Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 and how they're not coming to the Nintendo Wii. When asked how he felt about that, Fils-Aime seemed extremely disappointed, saying that he usually finds himself asking publishers why games like the ones mentioned aren't on the Wii.

Kotaku and Nintendo move on to talk about the games, and how the Wii hardware isn't capable of handling those types of detail-laiden titles. The Nintendo president defends the console, saying the games weren't originally slated for the Wii two years ago, originally deemed as ineffective on the platform at the time. Now, he says, that's not the case. "High-quality, effectively marketed against our installed base will sell, period end of story," he said.

But the root of all this console talk centers on what's to come in the future. By adding HD to the current Wii, Nintendo would be somewhere in the same market as Sony and Microsoft. Fils-Aime disagrees, claiming that it's not the way Nintendo does things by adding to existing hardware.

"The way we at Nintendo do things is, you know, when we will move to a new generation, it's because there are some fundamental things the [current] console cannot do. What that says is that simply the addition of HD capability will not be the next step for us. There will be more to it. There will be additional capability. There will be additional elements, and, given that, it is far into the future."

We're thinking Fils-Aime is tired of talking about the next console.