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Pocketables Accidentally Reveals Mirasol Ereader

When rumors of Barnes & Noble's color ereader started doing the rounds, everyone wondered what kind of display the company had opted for. Among the possibilities being tossed around was that the company would bring a Mirasol ereader to the market. As it turns out, Barnes & Noble didn't use a Mirasol display but that's not to say we won't see an ereader utilizing the technology very soon.

Pocketables has inadvertently confirmed its plans to bring an ereader using the Qualcomm display technology to the Consumer Electronics Show in January of next year. Pocketables says the reader will feature Qualcomm's full-color Mirasol display, which is based on a reflective technology, and also revealed that the device itself will bedubbed the Mirasol. However, it seems the company wasn't quite ready to confirm the news, as the press release revealing its plans has since been retracted.

Mirasol displays consume less power than an LCD and offer a better viewing quality in sunlight but cost about one and a half times the price of E-Ink displays. Digital Reader cites a source that says the Pocketables prototype is capable of handling 12 frames per second and the device should hit the market in the third quarter of 2011.

Source: The Digital Reader via Electronista

  • b23h
    Nice display, in color as well. Certainly not a lot of fps, but as an e-reader that's not so important.

    Will be curious.
  • archange
    It's about time companies invested some more into trans reflective display technologies. All mobile gadgets would benefit tremendously from actually being watchable / readable under direct light.
  • TheDane
    Been waiting for products using Mirasol. Should result in much improved battery times.
  • gm0n3y
    12 FPS is spectacular for an E-reader. If its closer to as readable as e-ink, I'll definitely be picking one up.
  • LLJones
    I've lost track of how many accidental releases there have been from various companies. Either there deliberate releases or incompetence seems to be ruling corporate America.
  • bonezy
    Tom's -- This spam is getting out of hand.
  • Reynod
    10049030 said:
    Tom's -- This spam is getting out of hand.

    Sorry ... fixed now.

  • kookoo88
    This sounds amazing. I've been debating which eReader to buy my wife. Hmmm . . . I may have to wait a year.
    I'm curious as to whether or not it needs an entirely new file type, or if it will read the same files as a computer or different eReader? Trying to get a manuscript to work for 10 different file types is a pain in the . . . keyboard.
  • tpi2007
    This is what will make all intelligent people, who have been holding off buying a tablet, finally buy a tablet! This is the future of screens, and not only tablets, but also phones and LCD's, both computer and TV. If you want, then you can turn of a backlight to read/work/play in areas with lower ambient light.

    If they can double the fps (at 24), they can start thinking about video. And if they double that (at 48 fps), we can start thinking about TV's and LCD monitor to play our games. It's a lot less eyestrain. Like reading a book!

    I bet in 3-4 years even the iPad will have a screen with this technology.

  • alyoshka
    Is that cool or what?????