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EC145 Helicopter Gets Mercedes-Benz Treatment

Over the years Mercedes-Benz has established an iconic name that is synonymous with style, luxury and elegance. Following in the German automaker's footsteps, Eurocopter has created its very own "Mercedes-Benz Style" EC145 helicopter. With the interiors developed at Mercedes-Benz' very own design studio in Como, Italy, the EC145 helicopter features a luxurious and elegant design that makes it worthy of the iconic Mercedes-Benz symbol.

The chopper was unveiled at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition of 2011 where it wowed the audience with its versatile passenger cabin, sophisticated design and impressive interior. With an interior cabin that is capable of transforming into a business meeting room or a family setup, the EC145 is capable of serving both business and personal purposes.

The seating arrangements can accommodate four to eight passengers while giving more than reasonable space for movement. Of course if the generous amount of space provided isn't enough, users are also able to remove seats to free up some room. For the luxuriously wealthy executive that either doesn't want a jet or already has one, the EC145 "Mercedes-Benz Style" is perfect for flying in style.