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MIT Demonstrates Folding Electric CityCar

For several years, MIT Media Lab has been working hard to create an innovative electric vehicle that can be folded and stacked in order to greatly reduce storage space. Dubbed the CityCar, MIT's project has finally begun to take off with a fully functional prototype being finished. Although the video below shows the half-sized prototype, the production version will be much larger and actually capable of transporting humans.

MIT's intentions behind the project is to provide cities with a new kind of public transportation where drivers will be able to rent CityCars in order to move about the city. A stackable and folding design would mean CityCar stations and hubs take up very little space but provide plenty of vehicles for everyone to use.

Although the prototype appears to perform all of its folding duties particularly well, the challenge for MIT will be to create a life-sized production version that comfortably fits passengers. The CityCar is expected to enter production in Spain as early as 2013.