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Boxes of Light Create Modular Lighting Fixtures

Design student Robert Hoff has created a lighting concept that is deceptively simple. Although his design is just a simple cubic lighting fixture, the versatility of the independently flexible sides takes the lighting possibilities to a whole new level. With control switches giving users the freedom to adjust levels of brightness, this cubic lighting concept is boundless in its potential.

These simple lights just look like a cube on the surface but in reality each of the six sides of the cube are attached together with a complicated system of suspension wires that offer complete control in dimensions and angles so that the user can change the cube into many different shapes and sizes.

Hoff's design makes it possible for a user to illuminate a room in endless possibilities as they adjust the sides of the cube to their liking. Perhaps the most interesting part of Hoff's design is the lighting effects that can be created as the sides of the cube can be used as shades in order to shape different lighting effects. Who would've thought such a simple concept could result in such limitless lighting possibilities?