Project iKinect Combines Kinect with iPhone

What do you get when you cross an iPhone with Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing device? A prototype co-op application currently labeled as Project iKinect. The "game" is currently in the works by Singapore-based Rockmoon using the Unity engine, and requires two people to play simultaneously: one controlling the spaceship using Microsoft's Kinect and one controlling the Gatling guns using Apple's iPhone.

As seen in the video below, Project iKinect presents the player with a Descent-like first-person perspective. To move the ship, the Kinect player merely leans forward to accelerate, and uses a steering gesture to turn the ship left or right. The iPhone Player app contains a radar showing enemies hovering ahead, and two virtual pads for firing up the guns. The iPhone also controls micro-movement due to Kinect's limitations, possibly handling ship maneuvers like rolling and pitch.

While it's unknown if the game will ever be released, it's interesting to see two unrelated platforms merge in this type of co-op scenario. It's also sad to see that "hackers" and new developers are coming up with some rather awesome games and applications while Microsoft is seemingly only churning out dancing titles.

Project iKinect

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  • jkflipflop98
    Microsoft may not be a great painter, but they're sure good at making canvas.
  • virtualban
    Looks pretty useless. Fun for about 5 minutes.
    And I still give them all the thumbs up I can. It's the fun in doing things like this that leads to enjoyment in creating for the computer world. And enjoying what you do is the key to making something amazing. Maybe these folks will not, maybe they will. But they are in the right track.
    Have done pretty useless things in my past also, and enjoyed them a lot while doing and while seeing the "finished" product.
  • clonazepam
    I'm still waiting for better innovation in the controller market. I'm hoping for something that combines an arcade stick, numerous buttons, a pen and writing pad... A kiddy version has been out for years for They can even integrate it with kinect it makes them feel better since this whole shift away from controllers. I hope controllers dont die all-together. I could never use a kinect (leaning forward/backward is extremely painful) as i am disabled.