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spnKiX Motorized Skates Reach Up to 8mph

Earlier this year, Kickstarter project spnKiX caught our eye, ranking in at #5 of our top ten best crowd-funded tech projects. Originally a concept in 2010, the project finally made it onto Kickstarter after thirty prototypes were rejected. In February, the project exceeded its $25,000 goal and was successfully funded for $120,000. Now, the skates are officially available for pre-order.

Unlike traditional skates, the spnKiX strap on to your current shoes allowing anyone 180lbs or less to ride around town with ease. The skates are powered by an 85 W wheel motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 8-mph with a range of approximately 6 miles. Powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery, the spnKiX takes five hours to charge and lasts up to 500 cycles.

Users can control the skates via a handheld wireless remote, making short trips nice and easy. Early donators were able to pre-order a pair for $375, but others interested in owning spnKiX won't be so lucky. The actual retail price of the produce turned out to be much higher as expected, with a price tag of $699. If the cost isn't a problem for you, you can pre-order yours from the spnKiX webpage here.


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