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Jedi Mind Finally Changes Name After Lawsuit

Previously we reported that George Lucas and Lucasfilm filed a $5 million lawsuit against Jedi Mind for the use of "Jedi" and marketing a mind-reading device. The lawsuit sought "injunctive relief and recovery of damages," claiming that the alleged trademark infringement would damage Lucasfilm's reputation and business by causing consumer confusion in the marketplace.

The lawsuit arrived after several attempts to settle the matter out of court. The first cease-and-desist letter was acknowledged but not followed through--a second letter went unheeded altogether. Now it seems that Jedi Mind has finally responded thanks to the current lawsuit, and is officially changing its name.

"Jedi Mind, Inc. has resolved to change the name of the corporation to "Mind Technologies, Inc." in order to avoid potential infringement of trademarks owned by Lucasfilm Ltd," the company said in a press release. "The Company has also transitioned the website content to"

Jedi Mind--or rather Mind Technologies-- said that it has ceased the use of the "Jedi" name and has filed for such change in name with FINRA, at which point a new symbol will be issued as well. "The Company will keep shareholders informed during the process through press releases," the company added.

Although the name has changed, product images still read "Jedi Mouse."