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Infiniti Unveils Sporty Zero-Emission LE Concept

Over the years, the Nissan Leaf has really established its name as an impressive, zero-emissions vehicle, but some would argue its appearance isn't as slick as it can be. It may have established itself as a cutting edge electric vehicle, but it certainly isn't a Tesla in the looks department. Luckily for anybody looking to drive a sexy all-electric without the Tesla price tag, Infiniti has just announced its own zero-emissions vehicle.

Making its debut at the New York Auto Show, the Infiniti LE concept takes an upgraded Leaf engine and slaps on an abundance of good looks. While the Nissan Leaf's electric engine produces itself 110 horsepower with 210 lb-ft. of torque, Infiniti's improvements add 24 ponies and 30 lbs of torque. Despite the increased performance, the range will remain the same estimated 100-miles that the Leaf currently gets.

In addition to the bundle of high-tech luxuries you'd expect from an Infiniti, the LE will also feature a wireless charging system that makes vehicle charging in the garage as easy as parking in it. Although no price was given, we can assume that it'll be more expensive than the Leaf but cheaper than a Tesla Roadster. The LE is expected to arrive in 2014, but until then we'll just have to drool at these photos and wait patiently for more information.