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Replica of Half-Life's Gravity Gun Up For Child's Play Auction

All of the gaming and humor aside, most readers of Penny Arcade aren't aware of the Child's Play charity that was also created by the popular webcomic's authors. Ever since 2003, Penny Arcade has been working hard with volunteers and sponsors all around the world to help better the lives of sick children with video game and toy donations.

Every year, Child's Play holds a charity dinner which takes place in Seattle with hopes to raise millions for its network of over 80 hospitals worldwide. Attendees of last year's dinner were graced with the presence of freelance prop and replica artist Harrison Krix and his incredible Portal Gun replica. The replica was auctioned off for charity and this year Krix is returning with another beautiful treat.

At this year's charity dinner, Krix will be auctioning off his latest creation: an incredibly lifelike reproduction of the Gravity Gun from Valve's Half Life franchise. For more photos and information on the replica, be sure to follow Krix' blog Volpin Props. Photographs were taken by Krix's friend, Dan Almasy whose Flickr can be seen here. How much would you pay for your very own Gravity Gun?