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HP Tabs to Pack Wireless Charger, Cloud Storage?

We’ve already heard that HP is going to launch two tablets at its February 9 event. Despite the fact that the company has said, we should ‘think again’ if we think we know everything about the San Fransisco event, Engadget’s source is still sending them information about the two tablets.

The latest word is that 7-inch ‘Opal’ will feature a 1024x768 TFT LCD display, while the bigger ‘Topaz’ will be almost exactly the same size as the iPad (it measures 241 x 190 x 13mm) and boast a similar resolution. Other little tidbits of information from various tipsters point to Touchstone wireless charging; Beats audio; 10GB of cloud storage; a Tap-to-Share feature that would allow you to share songs, websites or documents by tapping the tablet against your phone; the ability to answer calls coming in to your cell phone on your tablet; and the ability to run up to 20 apps at a time.

Though not all of this may come to fruition, it’s safe to say we’re extremely excited for the 9th of February. Launch dates are still unknown, though the Topaz is said to be coming before its little brother, the Opal.

Click through to Engadget for the full details.