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VIDEO: HDMI-Out with the Motorola Droid X

With the Motorola Droid X set for an official launch next week (July 15), we're eager to get our hands on the device and see it in action. One site already landed a review unit and uploaded a video focusing on the device's HDMI-out capabilities. What you'll discover in the clip, seen below, is that users will need to purchase a special microHDMI-to-HDMI cable to stream 720p content to a HDMI-capable TV.

So what's it like streaming content from a smartphone? The process seems somewhat similar to hooking up an iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply switch to the appropriate mode on the TV after attaching the HDMI cable--a black screen will appear rather than displaying the Droid's home screen. Users then move to the phone and start the selected HD video in the media player. As the content begins to play on the TV, the Droid X switches UI and begins to act as a wired "remote." Playing videos and loading pictures from the Gallery works the same way.

"From what we saw in our tests, video quality is pretty good. Our test TV was huge, so even 720p video looked a little pixelated, but we’re happy to say that HD videos played without any audio skips or dropped frames – even when fast forwarding," said IntoMobile. "You can also stream a slideshow of photos from the X."

To see the phone in action, check out the video below!