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H2O Force-Field Keeps Your Fruit Fresh

If you thought force-fields were a reality reserved for futuristic sci-fi flicks and television series, think again. Here's a real life application of a water-powered force-field to keep your fruits fresh and delicious. Okay maybe it is just an idea that hasn't come to fruition yet, but this is probably the most beautiful fruit bowl idea out there.

If we take a minute to indulge in the possibility of creating a water force-field, this concept is an incredible way to lock in moisture while keeping out flies and dust ensuring a long life-span for our precious fruits. Designed by Yitu Wang, the force-field concept works by recycling water that is deployed through water outlets at the top of the bowl.

Seeing as how many water fountains create a similar dome-like shape, it isn't completely outlandish to imagine such a device could be created. However, the motion sensing function of this bowl may be reserved for our imaginations. Infrared sensors aim to detect incoming hands and magically part the waters so that we may reach for our apples without getting wet and causing a mess. Fifty years ago nobody would've imagined something like a smartphone could be created so who knows what the future holds for water-powered force-field devices.