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Shirt Features Built-In iPod Controller

Chip Chick points the way to a rather cool shirt that enabled the wearer to control an iPod without having to retrieve it from a pocket or purse. Called the grooveRider, its designed for both men and women and incorporates a unique interface called Smart Fabric. While it can't be said that the grooveRider is ideal for first impressions or a night on the town, it does seem geared for the active user.

Apparently users simply shove the iPod into a built-in pocket and then connect the controller cable. The headphone jack is located on the upper part of the shirt. The Smart Fabric interface supposedly allows users to control the device volume, skip, play and stop all songs without actually touching the device.

The grooveRider can be purchased online here for around $150. It's definitely a cool idea, but for the price of a real iPod, I'm don't think I could force myself to actually wear it.