Nexus 7 Experiences 135 Percent Increase in Web Traffic

While it hasn't matched the traffic the iPad has been receiving, Google's Nexus 7 tablet's traffic has enjoyed an increase of 135 percent from July. The iPad accounted for 91 percent of all tablet traffic, according to Chitika's tablet market share report. The Nexus 7, meanwhile, represents just 0.33 percent of total web traffic.

The Android-powered tablet that accounts for the most traffic is Samsung's Galaxy Tab, with the device representing 2.5 percent of tablet web traffic. Chitika said combined traffic stemming from Samsung's 7- and 10-inch tablets is double the amount from any other Android tablet.

"In order to make the graph readable, we had to measure other tablets on a 'per 100 iPad impressions' scale," a spokesman said.

As for market share for Google's tablet, the Nexus 7 has certainly made its mark, subsequently leading to the iPad's 81 percent market share from 2011 being decreased to 52 percent this year.

The search engine giant is due to announce a new iteration of the Nexus tablet on October 29.

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  • ddpruitt
    I don't know why people listen to stats spouted by Chitika. A wait that's right because they want to reinforce the "Apple's greatest notion".

    Problems with these "facts"
    We don't know how they obtained their numbers
    We don't know what the numbers are (only a couple of graphs with unexplained numbers to the side)
    This is a small company (relatively speaking) so there is a statistical bias in the sample
    The company could cater to Apple products, which skews the numbers in Apple's favor
    They don't specify how they classify products (what's a tablet)
    They don't specify methodology for obtaining data

    If you actually see this then the Mods actually missed a comment that is critical of an article (rarely happens I know)
  • guru_urug
    Thats cause the nexus 7's browser maybe interpreted as a full-fledged desktop by the site,while the ipad is treated as a tablet. Chrome on the nexus 7 is very close to the desktop version.
  • willard
    I can't be the only one tired of seeing market share measured by browser traffic. This introduces tons of variables that can skew the results. It's entirely likely that browsing habits differ greatly between tablets, and certainly between iOS and Android tablets. I know lots of people who use their iPad almost exclusively for browsing the web on the couch, and people who only use Kindles for reading books. I've got a 7" android tablet and an iPad 3. Use both plenty, but never browse the web on the 7" tablet because of the small screen.

    Browser share is a truly awful metric to judge market share by. It doesn't capture what you want it to, and introduces too much noise. Just stop it already.