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This Fridge Floats, Saves You Space

Having a massive, bulky and expensive refrigerator can become a hassle in a small living space and kitchen. Hoping to create a solution that solves the problem of bulky refrigerators without having to give up their food preserving capabilities, designer Zhang Wei has created a floating fridge concept named Up-in-the-air.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese food storing practice of hanging food from the ceiling, Wei's design hopes to keep food fresh and floating to ensure the maximum amount of space for walking and furnishing small living spaces. The Up-in-the-air fridge concept comes as variously sized containers that can be charged wirelessly. After being filled with gases and cooling sheets, the container is simply filled with food and placed anywhere on the ceiling where it remains floating just like a balloon.

As the container begins to change in gravity, a sensor is triggered which allows more gas to be ejected from the container, helping it stay afloat. The container comes in different shapes and sizes to ensure that foods of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated.

Of course the problem with the Up-in-the-air fridge is its lack of storage capacity. Any homeowner who likes to keep a large supply of cooking materials and groceries will have to purchase several containers to float around their homes. Although it may not be very practical, we have to admit that the Up-in-the-air fridge concept is definitely intriguing.