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Flickr Users Now Get a Terabyte of Space for Free

Yahoo!'s big news yesterday may have been the acquisition of micro-blogging site Tumblr, but the company also announced some changes to its Flickr photo hosting and storage service.


CEO Marissa Meyer took to the company's brand new Tumblr blog to announce a redesign for the photo hosting service it bought eight years ago. The redesign will see a brand new desktop design that's built around a new photostream complete with an 'endless' scrolling gallery feature. There's also a new slideshow mode that displays photos in full screen. This new desktop redesign will be complemented by a brand new Android application that takes its cues from the Flickr for iPhone application that was released towards the end of last year. 

While redesigns are all very nice, the most interesting part of the Flickr update is that users will now get one terabyte of free space. Meyer says this equates to 500,000 original, full resolution photos.

"When it comes to photography, technology and its limits shouldn’t hinder the experience," she said, later adding, "Flickr users will never have to worry about running out of space."