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Facebook Launches Revamp

Last month, News Corp owned social networking site, MySpace announced and launched a complete global revamp of the site within the space of about a week and it seems people quickly forgot that Facebook had also announced a revamp. In May the company revealed it would soon be sporting a brand new look however, things have been rather quiet on the Facebook end since.

The redesign is geared towards helping Facebook communicate better with one and other and also, to allow them to share media more easily. Amid fears of facing yet another privacy storm following changes (who else remembers the fuss when the News Feed feature first came in? and don’t forget, Beacon), Facebook is letting it’s users take the new look for a test drive throughout the week. Users will be better able to control what appears in their Mini-Feed and can delete items if necessary.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the interface is that you’re going to see less of those pesky third party applications. Many users add an application to their profile for the purpose of taking a quiz or survey. It doesn’t take long for these one time only applications, along with the likes of Scrabbulous to really crowd your page. Users will now be able to preview apps before they add them. Aside from that, the new Facebook introduces tabs in all their collapsible glory allowing for a cleaner feel for you profile.

Curious folk can can check out the new verision of Facebook by going to however, registration is required so if you’re not into joining Facebook, you’ll have to wait til Monday to see it.