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Boy Uses Pancake Inquiry on Facebook as Alibi

Rodney Bradford updated his Facebook status on Sunday from his father's apartment in Harlem, New York. The 19-year-old asked where his pancakes were, firing the status update out into the open abyss that is the Internet.

Fast forward a few weeks and Bradford is accused of taking part in a robbery. The New York Times reports that the youth's lawyer, Robert Reuland, told a Brooklyn assistant district attorney about the Facebook status update, which was apparently made at the time of the robbery.

According to the screenshot in the NYT report, Bradford's status update read, "ON THE PHONE WITH THIS FAT CHICK . . . . . WHERER MY I HOP".

The DA subpoenaed Facebook to verify that the update had come from a computer in Bradford's father's apartment block. When Facebook confirmed that the update had indeed come from a computer in an apartment at 71 West 118th Street in Manhattan, the charges were dropped.

Do you think this is a solid alibi or do you think that the DA was too quick to drop the charges? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Great...So i can use a laptop to Remote back into my house computer, send a Facebook update, then rob a bank and get away with it. AWESOME!!
  • itadakimasu
    This could set a precedent for other people to try to abuse this. What if he did take part in the robbery but he has somebody post this from that particular computer so as to trick the system?

  • mrcmark
    lucky for him he has an alibi. But there is also a possiblity that some else used his facebook account.
  • keplenk
    Hmmm .. Logmein please?
  • flurrball
    As if it's impossible to give someone else your account info.....
  • smashley
    it's certainly possible to log in remotely from a mobile device or laptop and easily make the post from the home computer, but I have my doubts that someone posting "ON THE PHONE WITH THIS FAT CHICK . . . . . WHERER MY I HOP" would have the know-how to do this... somebody should explain to DA that this sets a pretty dumb precedent. Good thing a judge didn't make that assumption.
  • gwolfman
    was been released
    lolz Please proof-read!
  • bunz_of_steel
    Duhhhh that's what happens when you get corporate weenies who don't know J@ck about the internet/computers or how it can be used. LOL, pathetic and these guys are the ones who are SUPPOSE to be protecting us!! Lets get some real cyber knowledgeable ppl in there...please.
  • Caffeinecarl
    With bad grammar like that, he doesn't deserve an alibi!
  • jerther
    There are SOOO many ways to have an account post something on the net while being somewhere else... Logmein and even somebody else are two simple examples