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Scientists Create Self-Healing Electronics

There may have been a time when things such as highly intelligent robots, self-healing electronics, and self-healing highly intelligent human killing robots were reserved for the science fiction genre of books and movies, but nowadays it seems like we can expect any science fiction technology to come to life.

In a report published last week, University of Illinois engineers were able to create a method in which electronics with damaged circuits would be able to automatically repair themselves. The best part of it is that the entire process takes place in a matter of seconds. The self-healing technology involves creating circuits with gold lining and a layer of microcapsules.

If a circuit is damaged or broken, most likely due to temperature issues or scratching, the microcapsules automatically disperse themselves into the cracks, filling the gap and restoring conductivity to the circuit. The new self-healing technology could lead to more durable and longer lasting electronics, which is always a good thing, unless that electronic happens to be the T-1000.