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AOC Reveals Breeze Tablet with 8-Inch Screen

AOC has jumped on the tablet bandwagon with the release of its 8-inch Breeze. Weighing in at only 1.1 pounds, the device is geared for consumers with a tight budget, offering a "sub-$200" price point at national retailers.

Under the hood, the specs dictate the tablet's low price, offering an 800 x 600 resolution, 4 GB of internal storage, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, a Rockchip processor (model and speed unknown), a built-in speaker, one USB 2.0 port for additional external storage and a microSD card slot (max capacity unknown).

Powering the Breeze Tablet is Google's Android 2.1 "Eclair" operating system. AOC claims that users will have access to the Android Market, however it will already come preloaded with essential applications like Web browser, video and audio players, photo browser, e-mail, calendar and e-book shelves.

"In developing the Breeze Tablet, we were able to capitalize on our expertise in video displays and our strength in the computer industry to create a device that matches our 60-year reputation of providing quality and user-friendly products at a great value," said Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC.

AOC's Breeze Tablet will be shown at CES 2011 this week in Las Vegas. As for retail availability, AOC didn't provide a specific date or franchise name, however it's assumed the tablet will arrive at K-Mart, Best Buy and others soon.