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Digital Flower Vase Shares Flowers, Messages

Created by Japanese designer Yoshiki Matsuyama, 'Flora' brings the convenience and versatility of digital picture frames to the world of vases and flowers. Flora is a digital flower vase that is able to send flowers and greetings across the world by creating a 3D virtual replica of a real flower through the use of a holographic scanner and projector.

Flora is capable of replicating both a real life flower or a digital image of one to be sent, displayed or gifted along with a special message. The beauty of the Flora vase is that once a gift is linked and received, the recipient vase updates in real time so that both the real and the digital flower will open, close and even die together. All the user needs to do is choose a flower from the stock images or place a real flower onto the vase's scanner, choose a recipient and the flower is instantly replicated.

In addition to the beauty of the flower itself, users are able to customize the vase frame and base lighting for their aesthetic pleasure. Matsuyama's concept is surely an interesting design that would make the perfect gift for our significant others or loved ones that are all over the globe.