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Test: DVDs and Blu-Ray Remakes Nearly Same

UK-based consumer testing website Which? (sort of a Consumer Reports from the other side of the pond) recently found that some Blu-Ray movies are “no better than DVDs”. According to the organization’s tests, the Blu-Ray editions of classics like Ghostbusters and The Graduate suffer from the same—or even worse—bad quality than their previous-generation optical disc counterparts.

Which emphasizes that many Blu-Ray renditions do justice to the source material. Zulu on the Blu-Ray, a 1964 war film that recreates a famous British victory, treats viewers to “magnificent... color and detail.” The main point of contention for the testing organization is that Blu-Ray discs that don’t provide the same quality as Zulu sell at the same price as titles that deliver.

Ultimately, Which would like studios to adapt a “mastered from the original source” logo of sorts. This would help customers choose BDs that make full use of the platform, while setting the foundation for a two-tiered pricing scheme.