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The Digital Watch From Victorian London

The Industrial Revolution was such a technological boom that it left an indelible mark on history. Even now, speculative fiction authors wax nostalgic about those bygone days, and imagine a world where Victorian-era steamworks are pushed to levels rivaling the modern age's electronics-and-plastic capabilities.

This beautiful DIY watch by Eric Schleapfer evokes those very same "steampunk" sensibilities. The LED display isn't exactly what you'd call period-accurate, but looks-wise, it meshes well with oak-and-brass finish of this faux antique's housing. It runs off of two watch batteries, and has a sleep mode to conserve power.

While it's understandable that Schleapfer used integrated circuits instead of vacuum tubes (which would've made it the size of a desk clock) for the watch's internals, it would've been nice if he gave the oak a bit of varnish. After all, antique doesn't necessarily mean unfinished, especially in Victorian London.

[source: Make magazine via Technabob]