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Exclusive Apple Dating Site Gaining Popularity

Do you own a Mac or some other Apple-based product and feel like you're living in a plastic bubble? Does it seem that society would rather mingle with like-minded Windows junkies rather than associate with your prestige, fruit-based desires? Tired of all the heckling from PC gamers?

Cupidtino, a new dating website built specifically for fans of Apple, may have the answers you seek.

The idea behind the website should be fairly obvious. it will pair up love-seekers with those who also cater to Apple devices. The irony of the whole service is that it was created and launched by Mel Sampat, a former Microsoft employee. The idea stemmed from an argument with his girlfriend in regards to his use of the iPad during dinner. He told her that if they ever broke up, he would seek out someone who actually liked Apple products.

Insert light bulb here.

"The more I thought about it, the more I realized people that are true Apple fans might actually have a lot more in common than they realize," he told the Associate Press.

Launched earlier this month, Cupidtino matches the overall look of Apple's official website, using the same black, white, and gray theme and the bold, sans-serif font. Although Apple is aware of the site and has even offered assistance, currently the company hasn't raised any issues in regards to the similarities. That of course is likely to change.

According to Sampat, Cupidtino has already gathered 16,000 Apple followers since its launch. The site is only usable through the Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Those with Windows installed shouldn't even bother trying to see who's listed in the Cupidtino library--the site yanks info from the browser and will throw up an "I'm A Mac" rejection page when trying to set up an account.

But don't feel bad. Owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch are also blocked to some extent--they can't create new accounts because the gadgets can't upload photos to the service. For now, only Mac and iPad owners actually use the dating site to its full extent. Go figure.