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Facebook Exec to Run for Office

TechCrunch today reports that Chris Kelly, Chief Privacy Office over at Facebook, will be announcing his candidacy for the office of Attorney General of California.

Citing several sources, TC says Kelly will be running in the 2010 election as a Democrat, and will be leaving either Facebook or taking a leave of absence in June of next year to focus on his campaign.

While several other people have already announced their candidacy for the position, Facebook’s Chris Kelly is sure to get some attention from the younger generation because of his current role at the social networking company.

Once Kelly announces his decision to run as Attorney General, his role in Facebook is likely to be one of the focal points with young voters. In the last couple of years privacy has been a huge issue for Facebook. From controversial applications (like Beacon) to complete revamps to the company’s privacy settings, Facebook has always been very front and center when it comes to privacy and that’s thanks in large part to the site’s Chief Privacy Officer.

Watch this space for when we update about Chris Kelly and his plans to run for Attorney General of California. In the meantime, read the full story over on TechCrunch.