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Beijing Gets a 40-foot Optimus Prime

Just because the second movie was awful and the third movie won't even have Megan Fox, that doesn’t mean we should lose all faith in Transformers. Optimus Prime is still as cool as Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking a facepalming Patrick Stewart. It's likely that with this precise simile in mind, Beijing got itself a 40-foot Optimus Prime to encourage green thinking.

Located in Green Dream Park, which is located northwest of Beijing's "Bird's Nest" National Stadium (2008 Olympic Games), and made out of junk, Crave reports that Optimus' head is made out of recycled car parts.

Thinly veiled under the guise of encouraging recycling, it's clear that this is a challenge to the 59-foot Gundam in Japan. Erected last year by Bandai, Crave says that Gundam is returning this year and he's going to be armed with a light saber!

Source: Crave (CNet)