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SanDisk WORM Stores Your Mug for 100 Years

Wednesday SanDisk said that its 1 GB SD WORM "tamper-proof" cards will be integrated into Japan's forensic image archiving system. The term WORM refers to "write once read many," as the technology allows users to store data safely for up to 100 years. That's right--bad guys can have their mugs flashed and stored away for almost an entire century.

The SD WORM card was originally launched back in July 2008. According to SanDisk, it's not possible to alter or delete the files stored on the media. It was designed specifically for storing sensitive data such as security camera video, court testimonies, cash register records, and so on. Once the data is written, the SD card is locked and can only be read via an SD card reader.

In regards to Japan's use of the medium, law enforcement officers can create unalterable, permanent photographic records that serve as resources during investigations or as potential evidence during trials. Traditionally forensic images were stored on 35-film and would degrade over time. The SD WORM card eliminates this problem while storing evidence for decades, a must in Japan as the country has no statue of limitations for serious crimes.

According to SanDisk, Japan's police force will be the first to incorporate the long-term medium. The company added that other law enforcement organizations around the world are now testing the product to see if it's an ideal storage solution.

"An unalterable and highly reliable archive eliminates the chance of accidentally deleting a crucial file, and ensures that evidence is accessible over a long period of time," said Jim Shirk, Captain, Twin Cities Police Authority, Larkspur, California. "Adopting this type of storage as our standard archiving media is a necessary step in maintaining a modern and effective police force."

The SD WORM cards can be purchased through SanDisk's network of OEM distributors and representatives, or by contacting