BioWare: We Can't Fix Tiny Text on Your TV

Mass Effect fans waited long and hard for BioWare to crank out the sequel to 2007's Mass Effect. Launched for the Xbox 360 and PC on January 26, the Mass Effect 2 storyline takes place just after the original title, and serves as the second part of an overall Mass Effect trilogy.

With not even a month under its belt, Mass Effect 2 is already suffering a wash of negative feedback from Xbox 360 gamers playing on Standard Definition televisions (SDTVs). The complaint is that the on-screen text is much too small to read, leaving the gamers scratching their heads and unable to follow the RPG storyline.

The official forums lit up with complaints, and BioWare listened. "We understand that on some Standard Definition TVs the smallest text in Mass Effect 2 can be difficult to read," said BioWare's Michael Gamble in a forum post. "While this was not an intentional result, it was a byproduct of enhancements to the user interface."

Unfortunately, gamers wanting a quick fix will be out of luck. Although BioWare said the "small text" issue affected a small portion of SDTV owners, BioWare is unable to fix the issue through an update. That means gamers suffering the small text syndrome will need to (1) deal with it, (2) upgrade to an HDTV, or (3) use the disk as a nice drink coaster.

Gamble said that BioWAre will take this problem into consideration when planning future Mass Effect titles. Apparently ll other games are not up for consideration.

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